Reflection of a Moose

When you travel to a National Park, you tend to make a list of the things you want to do/see while you are there. For me, my list was of nature and wildlife subjects I wanted to not only see, but also photograph. When I was in Grand Teton National Park, one of the animals I wanted to photograph was a moose.

I had scouted locations, talked with other photographers and guides but I had not seen a moose in a setting that I could photograph the animal.
That was, until the last day I was in the park. On the way back to the hotel, my wife, Erin, spotted a moose in a marshland, all by himself. We stopped, grabbed the camera gear, and went to set up.

Approaching wildlife, even in a National Park, is always interesting. You never know exactly how the animal will react to your presence. In this particular case, the moose didn’t seem to care.

What a perfect scene, here is this lone male moose, in a marshland with water that was still enough to get a stunning reflection. The irony was that this is the same location (not 30 feet away) where we saw the Grey Owl featured in the image, Gaze in the Rain. Moreover, the nearest city to this part of the park is called (I kid you not) Moose, Wyoming.

The combination of the water dripping out of the animal’s mouth, the facial expression, the ripples in the water, and the reflection all presented elements which I wanted to capture. In addition, the light was good too.
I continued to take photos of the moose until I ran out of space on my memory cards. As soon as we departed, so did the moose. He ran across the street and was off into the woods.

‘Reflections of a Moose’ is the result.

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