In 2010, I am starting a weekly feature called Behind The Lens. This will provide some insight and back story of some of my popular images. Many customers have asked for a feature like this and I am not one to disappoint. So none the less, here we go....


It was a cold, wet, foggy morning in Yellowstone National Park in the summer of 2009. I was out on an early morning photo safari.

Usually, when I visit a national park, I try to omit the signs of human convenience. However, on this morning that was not very favorable in terms of photography, what drew my eye to this scene was the fog and the road fading off into the distance. Nature was engulfing (however temporarily) the dominance of human convenience.

Equally appealing was the vibrant yellow pain on the road and the contrast of dead trees from a forest fire framing the road.

Looking at this image, I can't help but think that sometimes you have to take a leap and progress forward to see what is around the bend.

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