Winter's Discontent

Change is a certainty in life. Yet, we as humans tend to resist change as much as possible. Our resistance varies in intensity, but, as much as we resist, said changes occur. This concept holds true for nature as well.

Seasonal changes are always exciting. It’s the annual closing of one chapter and the beginning of another. With it brings new optimism and hope for humans and nature alike.

This is an image of South Boulder Creek as it flows through Eldorado Canyon outside of Boulder, CO. As my wife and I were walking around the canyon, this lone rock with remnants of winter caught my eye. The entrenched nature of the snow and ice drew me in and made me ponder. What I found so fascinating was how this small piece of winter had adapted in its last stand to remain significant. Through it, it seemed that although winter knew its chapter for the year was closing, it continued to adapt and fight to exist. I made several photos of this scene but decided to use a long exposure because I felt it really captured the story of the scene.

In terms of stubborn fervor, nature and man are not that dissimilar. Irrespective of the outcome, we all continue to fight to hold on to what we know and love.

Change is never easy. It is a battle of both mind and spirit. Yet in this battle that we as humans engage in, it is reassuring to know that the nature surrounding us is waging the same war.

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