Bridge To The Unknown

It’s amazing to see a common, everyday item from a different perspective. Literally, by moving around and trying to expose a common scene from an uncommon perspective, you sometimes get lucky.

This is an image of a bridge on the Lilly Pad Lake trail outside of Silverthorne, Colorado in the fall of 2008. This bridge was built so hikers would not disturb the wetlands that stand between the trailhead and Lilly Pad Lake for which it is named.

What caught my eye about this particular scene was how the tall grass on either side of the bridge makes you wonder what is around the corner ahead. So, I looked around for some differing perspectives, found this one, got low, and pressed the shutter release on my camera.

This image really speaks to the uncertain future we all face. As much as we like to anticipate and believe we know what is around the bend, the fact is we don’t. In our journey, we sometimes utilize support mechanisms such as a bridge, to get from point A to point B. The simple fact is that we have no idea what is around that corner. Does that stop us from wanting to proceed? No.

The noble curiosity of the human spirit is inspiring. In my own experience, I’ve found that those unexpected encounters around the corner shape who we are as individuals and speaks to our resilience as a species.

Although we cannot always predict the future, we continue on our journey regardless.

For you skeptics out there I will concede that this is, in fact, just a photograph of a bridge. However, I would hope that by altering my perspective when I made this image your observation of the scene has changed. When you looked at the photograph for the first time, did you follow the path over the bridge and wonder what was to the right? I bet you did.

It’s all about how we view the scene and how you see the world. If things get boring, alter the way you see your surroundings. You’ll be amazed at the results.

This image is available for purchase here.