Darkness and Tranquility

Have you ever noticed how a city (irrespective of size) transforms from day to night? The daily transformation of these dualities reveals character omitted or overlooked by most. To truly get a fair and accurate sense of the city, we must examine both of these personalities. For then, and only then, do we see the true essence of the city.

Above is a photograph made of Harborside Fountain Park, the gem of the City of Bremerton’s revitalization project. The park contains five large copper-ringed fountains each one with its own wading pool. At different time intervals during the day, the fountains perform a variety of hydraulic ballets. It really is something to see.

In general, the fountains are captivating as they entertain both mind and spirit during the day. The powerful jets and pumps in each fountain provide a delight for both the visual and auditory senses. Yet, when the sun goes down, this same park transforms into a tranquil and clearly meditative area. Yet again, the true essence of the city is revealed once it is explored by both day and night.

This was not my first visit to the Park. But, it was my first visiting at night. The scene above revealed itself to me early in my trip. The challenge for me was trying to capture the entire essence of my experience in a single photograph. I lined myself up, and snapped the scene from several different angles. The published image, I believe, truly captures the visual as well as the emotional aspects of this evening in Bremerton.

People are not the only things which experience transformation when the sun goes down. The cities and towns which we live in and visit change as much (if not more) than we do. What is truly amazing to me is how the experience of interacting with a city is usually based on the characteristics found in that city during the day.

Next time you are playing tourist, be sure to examine the cities you travel to both from the day as well as the night. The true beauty and sheer awe of a distant land is only truly revealed when you do.

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