Windy StillnessAUTHOR'S NOTE: This last week of 2010 I am highlighting my 5 best photographs of 2010. I hope you enjoy a week of remembering back as I re-take you through my journey of chasing the light through 2010. These are in no particular order. Enjoy!


This photo was made early in 2010. I am always on the lookout for interesting and dramatic clouds and am still amazed to what they can add to a scene. The clouds in this shot had been building for several hours and I patiently waited until they were just right.

The black and white treatment on this photograph enhances the drama nicely.

What I think is equally interesting about this shot is the location. This photograph was made in a suburb outside of Denver, CO. You would never know it from looking at this scene.

Just goes to show you that photographs can tell interesting stories. They may not always be accurate, but interesting nonetheless.

This photo is one of three that was selected for inclusion in ‘My Colorado’ Juried Show in February.

This photograph is part of a limited edition of 100. It is available for purchase here.